This is the Knife-Sheath you were waiting for. It allows you to carry your small fixed blade knife clipped inside your pant's pocket without being scratched by plastic. Other than the regular ClipSlip (That MUST NOT be used for this purpose!) it is made of thicker, sturdier leather. And most of all it is made with a welt. This strip of leather prevents the knife from touching (and cutting through) the stitching - and destroying the sheath.


The ClipSheath is dyed by hand. The beautiful sunburst effect is achieved by a special technique that is pretty time consuming. Hence the price difference.


Not sure which size you need? Check HERE!


Known combinations:

trc Mini - Size S

GiantMouse GMF1 - Size M
Guinea Hog Forge Piranha - Size XL 


Please note: Put your knife back into the sheath with great care! A sharp knife can cut into the leather and damage the sheath. Also you can badly injure yourself when putting back the knife carelessly! 


Also note, that this Product is MADE TO ORDER. It can take one week until delivery!

The ClipSheath

PriceFrom €74.00
  • The ClipSheath comes for right hand use (for the right front pocket) as standard. If you want to carry it in your LEFT front pocket, please just leave a note in the checkout process. 

  • The Clips are made from steel. And steel can bend. Or brake. I decided to go for a stainless spring steel, that will bend under strong force, but will most likely not break. I can not be held responsible for bent clips, but you can get in touch for instructions on how to bend them back - or send the ClipSheath in for repair on your own expense.