Lots of space for thick Swiss Army knives! Three layers are no problem at all for the ClipSlip BigBoy. Even four layers are possible. Please decide for yourself whether you want to have such a big guy in your pocket at all times!


The ClipSlip BigBoy is also a nice alternative to screw-on clips for Opinel knives or flashlights.


The length corresponds to the standard size S, but the Bigboy is cut substantially wider.

The ClipSlip BigBoy

PriceFrom €54.00
  • Only very fine, thin and at the same time robust leather came into question for the new ClipSlip BigBoy:

    - Maremma, the beautiful, high-gloss leather with a firm temper, a soft grip and an almost perfect surface
    - Koala, the matt shimmering brother of Maremma
    - Nike, the robust, medium-gloss leather with a lot of character
    - Buttero, the famous premium leather from Walpier-Tannery, which combines a firm temper with a silky soft surface and exudes simple elegance

    All leathers mentioned are lightly fattended cowhide with a subtle pull-up effect.