Made from the famous and beautiful Buttero leather of the italian tannery Walpier this ClipSlip is a pleasure to touch and smell. It is double lined with beautiful natural leather and will last you a lifetime, if you take care for it. It has a silky touch with tight grain and a dense structure. Buttero is fully vegetable tanned following the oldest tanning traditions of the Tuscany area. You have to feel it yourself!


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The ClipSlip Buttero

Clip Colour
  • The ClipSlip comes for right hand use (for the right front pocket) as standard. If you want to carry it in your LEFT front pocket, please just leave a note in the checkout process. 

  • The Clips are made from steel. And steel can bend. Or brake. I decided to go for a stainless spring steel, that will bend under strong force, but will most likely not break. I can not be held responsible for bent clips, but you can get in touch for instructions on how to bend them back - or send the ClipSlip in for repair on your own expense. 

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