The ClipSlip is the clip you always missed on your favourite pocket knife. It adds messless carriability even to your grandfathers knife! Slip it in and clip it to your pocket. You'll never have to dig deep for the knife anymore. On top of that, it saves your precious from scratches.


- Size Small fits Benchmade Proper, Victorinox Pioneer, Lionsteel Dom/Roundhead/Shuffler - many more folding knives under 3,9 inches (10 centimeters) closed.


- Size Medium fits Perceval L08, Viper Key, Böker Slack, Mercator and many more knives around 4.3 inches (11 centimeters) closed.


- Size Large fits Buck 110, Victorinox Wine Master / Adventurer / Picknicker, Chris Reeves Large Sebenza, GEC Bull Buster and more knives around 4.8 inches (12 centimeters).


For Opinel Knives I advise you to The ClipSlip BigBoy.

The ClipSlip "Classic"

Pen Loop
  • The ClipSlip comes for right hand use (for the right front pocket) as standard. If you want to carry it in your LEFT front pocket, please just leave a note in the checkout process. 

  • The Clips are made from steel. And steel can bend. Or brake. I decided to go for a spring steel, that will bend under strong force, but will most likely not break. I can not be held responsible for bent clips, but you can send the ClipSlip in for repair on your own expense. 

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