These ClipSlips are truly something else! Made from the best and dearest leather money can buy, this product is a companion for a lifetime. It will accompany your treasured custom knife like nothing else. These ClipSlips are only available hand sewn. Because the leather pieces are small and very expensive, the larger ClipSlips go up in price. Shell cordovan is a vegetable tanned, world-famous leather made of a specific layer of the horsehide. Cordovan is made by shaving tanned horse rumps. One horse rump yields only two oval pieces of cordovan, each about the size of the seat of a chair. It is dyed and treated to an incomparable shine.


The "marbled" finish is a very rare and unique, it takes probably twice as much time to achieve the beautiful coloration and texture. Every piece is one of a kind.


Possible stitching colors: Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Burgundy, Dark Green, Lime Green, Dark Blue, Dark Grey. Just leave a note, which color you want. Otherwise you get the one that fits the best.

The ClipSlip Cordovan

PriceFrom €124.00