Made from the beautiful KOALA leather of the italian tannery Puccini, this premium ClipSlip is an outstanding piece. It is double lined with exquisite natural leather and will serve you for a long time, if you take care for it.


KOALA is one of the oldest leathers of Puccini. It is made from cow shoulders of the highest quality of french origin and it is 100% vegetable tanned. It is smooth but not as shiny as Maremma. It is treated with natural oils to give it elasticity and a soft touch. The colors are beautiful and rich and will a a very subtle pull up effect. The Leather will develop a nice patina over time and use.


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The ClipSlip Koala

PriceFrom €54.00
  • The ClipSlip comes for right hand use (for the right front pocket) as standard. If you want to carry it in your LEFT front pocket, please just leave a note in the checkout process.