Let your light shine! This EDC-organizer bundles your pocket knife, a small flashlight and a pen in a beautiful little bundle. And the best of all: you don't need to take your torch out of the slip to shine your light as brightly as it gets.


- The knife is best around 10 centimeters. A victorinox pioneer, a GEC #74 or a small sebenza for instance

- The flashlight loop is designed for an olight i3t and a reylight pineapple mini (Diameter 15 millimeters)

- The elastic pen loop is very good for a fisher bullet pen or similar sized options

The LightSlip

PriceFrom €35.00
  • The leather is heavily waxed and fattened harness leather. It's water repellent and has a strong pull up effect. When you insert the knife you will see the leather turn very light. That is the wax, that’s pressed towards the top. No need to worry. It's more a feature than a bug. Just enjoy it! It will go away eventually.