Let your light shine! This EDC-organizer (working title: Write Slice Light Slip) bundles your pocket knife, a small flashlight and a pen in a beautiful little package. And the best of all: you don't need to take your torch out of the slip to shine your light as brightly as it gets.

- The knife is best around 10 centimeters. A Swiss Army Knife or a GEC #74 for instance

- The flashlight loop is designed for an olight i3t and a reylight pineapple mini (15 millimeters in diameter)

The elastic pen loop takes pens like the Big Idea Design Mini Ti Clicker or a Fisher Space Pen.

This limited drop is made of the best leather on planet earth: Shell Cordovan. It's a vegetable tanned, world-famous leather made of a specific layer of horsehide. Cordovan is made by shaving tanned horse rumps. One horse rump yields only two oval pieces of cordovan, each about the size of the seat of a chair. It is dyed and treated to an incomparable shine.

You'll never get another LightSlip in one of these colors. Especially the Emerald Green one: it's been discontinued by the manufacturer! (what a shame!) Also the burgundy and black are going to be discontinued in my lineup.

- The elastic pen loop is very good for a fisher bullet pen and most other pens

The LightSlip Cordovan