Let your light shine! This EDC-organizer (working title: Write Slice Light Slip) bundles your pocket knife, a small flashlight and a pen in a beautiful little package. And the best of all: you don't need to take your torch out of the slip to shine your light as brightly as it gets.


- The knife is best around 10 centimeters. A victorinox pioneer, a GEC #74 or a small sebenza for instance

- The flashlight loop is designed for an olight i3t and a reylight pineapple mini (15 millimeters in diameter)

- The elastic pen loop is very good for a fisher bullet pen and most other pens

The LightSlip Premium

PriceFrom €39.00
  • Badalassi Wax is a wonderfully soft leather with a unique surface structure. The wrinkles pervade the darker leather like lightning in the night sky. The leather also has a wonderful pull-up effect, which makes it lighter at the point where the knife is inserted. The reason for this is that the eponymous wax is displaced by the knife and pushed to the surface. Really great leather.

    Buttero is one of the most famous cowhides in the world. It has a nice firmness, but is still incredibly soft to the touch. A noble, timeless leather full of elegance.

  • Machine stitching: The standard, sewn on a Pfaff 1245 industrial sewing machine. The seam is extremely sturdy (I tried to tear it apart with two pliers, but I couldn't.) and will very likely last forever. The only disadvantage is the look: On the front, traces of the presser feet are more or less visible, depending on the leather. That cannot be avoided. On the back, at the point where the needle emerges, the leather turns slightly outwards. If you have no problem with that, you get a great product at the best possible price.

    Hand stitching: The nobler, cleaner variant in classic saddle stitch. With an angled punch the stitch spacing is marked and the leather is pierced. The thread is then sewn with two needles and in a very special way and "laid" to the typical angled look. In this way, the leather remains free of marks. However, the hand seam takes about twenty times as long as the machine seam, so it costs more.