This is your Wingman for life! The Wingman Wallet takes up to 10 cards, bills of cash and receipts or other sheets. It is super slim and easy to use. You can pinch and pull the cards with thumb and index finger thanks to the smartly placed cutouts. Bills can be put behind the card slots.

Made from the most beautiful leather money can buy, this luxury wallet will serve you a lifetime. It probably will still be used by the next generation. There is nothing like shell cordovan. A deep shine and a backside of a touch you have never felt before. This stuff screams "LUXURY"! It is made from horsehide. One hide yields only two oval pieces of cordovan, which are then colored and buffed to an incomparable shine.

Also you get a lifetimewarranty on the stitching! If a seam should ever brake, just send it back in at your own expense. I will repair it for free. 

The Wingman Wallet Cordovan